Tell Me Tell Me

Recorded when Blur were still called Seymour, “Tell Me Tell Me” is a trashy little number not a million miles removed from the (slightly) better known “Fried”. Loud, fast and about some chick with a chip on her shoulder, it can hardly be called a highlight in the band’s oeuvre, but is enjoyable all the same because of the abandon with which it’s performed. Particularly of note are the aiaiai’s and barking sounds that Damon produces to complement the sound of guitars being manhandled. It’s got more in common with what Blur would be working on in 1997 than the Madchesteresque sounds that were in the immediate future. This little curio was ultimately released in 1993 as one of “Sunday Sunday”‘s many b-sides.

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  1. This song’s pretty Pixiesque…

  2. Is it? I am very much ashamed to say that the Pixies are my band-I-should-love-but-somehow-can’t (everyone must have one)… God knows I’ve tried!

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