Death Metal

Every young boy needs to go through a heavy metal phase, rediculous t-shirts included. I have fond memories of my days as a headbanger, even going so far as to occasionally listen to some of the better records released at the time, most notably Death’s Individual Thought Patterns, Pestilence’s Spheres and Morbid Angel’s Covenant. Funnily enough it’s my discovery of Blur (and to a slightly lesser extend Suede and, erm, The Lemonheads) that spelled the end of this spell, and prompted me to go get a haircut.

Blur and Death Metal crossed paths again during the sessions for 13 when Blur recorded a 30 minute song called “Death Metal”, probably inspired by Graham Coxon who claimed to be something of a fan of the genre. Whether the song’s got Damon grunting and Dave using double bass drum or whether it’s just a title remains unsure. The chances of it ever seeing the light of day are about as big as England winning the European Championship football this summer. Not impossible (just ask Denmark), but very very slim.

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  1. hehe… god i’d love to listen to that! I’m a huge blur fan myself… and whether or not it sounds weird… I’m also a big metal fan! Complete with black outfit! xD
    some of my friends will never ever get the appeal of blur to me, but they’ve got me under their spell since I was 12… now I’m nearly 30 and I’ll without a shadow of boubt still be a fan… although I had a phase where i very much ignored blur… i guess I knew all the songs just too well, i would start listening to a tune to skip to the net and next i just needed 5 seconds and it would play itself in my head… funnily enough that was also my more indepth stage in metal… but well one always returns to the roots =)

    So you forgot your metal phase?? do you still like it?

    I think that one should not “overcome” these musical phases, but add them to the others, the more music we listen the better and if they range greatly among different styles even better! there’s so much music, why limit oneself by dwelling just in one style? =)

    btw sorry if my grammar sucks, but you know my native language is spanish


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