Coffee & TV

“Y’know, one time coffee was believed to be the drink of the devil. When Pope Vincent III heard about this, he decided to taste the drink before banning it. In fact, he enjoyed coffee so much, he wound up baptising it, stating ‘coffee is so delicious, it would be a pity to let the infidels have exclusive use of it’. I also feel that way about coffee. And about TV. And … about Blur.”
– Bob Dylan, introducing “Coffee & TV” on his radioshow (2006)

The most popular of three Coxon-sung Blursongs, “Coffee & TV” is yet another in a long line of I-gotta-get-out-of-here songs. The lyrics, penned by Graham, describe someone longing for a more quiet existance after partying and abusing themselves for long enough. Someone who isn’t actually fit for living an rockstar life, because on the one hand his social skills aren’t up to scratch and on the other he’s immune to the bullshit that comes with it: “your ears are full but you’re empty”. He wants to retreat, possibly to the country with a wife, but is aware that there he’ll have to deal with stereotypes. He is, after all, famous for being one of them party people.

This musically irresistable song, with the same light gallop that would later balance out the lyrically sad Manic Street Preachers’ “Ocean Spray”, was released as a single in July ’99 when it stalled just outside the UK top 10. It was accompanied by a simply fantastic video, in which a milk carton goes looking for the missing Graham. Equal parts funny, sweet, sad and downright terrifying, it deserved every award that it got, and anyone that sees it will be treating their milk cartons with a bit more respect. As they should.

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  1. Is that quote true? the one of bob dylan?…if i didnt understand wrong, he is a blur fan :O wow, and bob dylan is a legend! the one who influeneced the beatles! wow….
    cool review of the song, i wish you had more history about the song, like i dunno, how it was made, i was sure that damon came up with the melody, and he decided not to sing it coz it was too low for him and so he gave it to graham to finish it and he wrote the lyrics and finished it…..
    anyway, cool song!

  2. Yep, it’s certainly a true Dylan quote! He played it alongside a bunch of songs about coffee by some old farts I never heard of before…

    I was planning to write a much longer post but then a lot of work got in the way (I’m writing all of these at work to keep the boredom at bay), so I finished it a bit quick… and now it’s like this forever muahahaha 😉

  3. One of my favourite Blur songs… I love the gonzo guitar solo!

    It sold enough copies to make the Top 10, but computer problems meant thousands of sales weren’t counted –

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