You’re So Great

One of the biggest arguments I’ve ever had about Blur was about “You’re So Great”, essentially Graham’s first solo song (it really wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Graham’s excellent The Sky Is Too High). A friend of mine, a casual fan, saw this as ultimate proof that the band didn’t give a shit about their fans, claiming “they could’ve bothered recording it properly!”. I tried explaining that the fact that it sounds like mixing this song meant soaking the tapes in a large vat of vodka for a month complements “You’re So Great”, a song about friends pulling eachother through hard times. Alas, there’s no convincing some people.

Graham sings “tea, tea and coffee” in the second verse by the way, and not “DT and coffee” (and he’d save “TV and coffee” for the next record).

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  1. Huh. I always figured it was “DT and coffee.”

  2. this song is pure Guided By Voices. sometimes people can’t just wrap their head around the fact that poor production is sometimes the best way to convey a song…GBV’s lo-fi years were fantastic and wouldn’t have been the same as a hi-fi record. neither would have this song…

    without a doubt, these guys had bee thousand or alien lanes on the turntable when they came up with this one. great place to draw some inspiration.

  3. hate to double comment, but just to add — listen to “gleemer (the deeds of fertile jim)” by GBV if you like this blur song. wouldn’t be surprised if graham was inspired by that one in particular…they feel similar.

  4. LOL shame on you for commenting twice… you’ll now be banned 😉

    only kidding, thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely be checking it out this weekend!

  5. Ian, you were wrong 😉

  6. This song is beautiful, the production is perfect. It compliments the mood of the tune (a moment of clarity felt within a fog).
    My sister had this song at her wedding btw.

  7. The official Blur music book released gives the lyric as “Tea, tea and coffee”, and to be honest that’s how I’ve always heard it. Bizarrely, a 1999 interview with Total Guitar magazine constantly quoted the line as “Sad, drunk for poorly”!

    ( for the article)

  8. Haha and I’ve just realised my mistake, although they still got it wrong 😛

  9. Re: the comments about the “poor” recording style. As Damon said at the Astoria in 2003, when someone in the crowd shouted how they were crap, “Look, it’s not about being good or bad, it’s about the music.”

    Feeling is everything. Musical ability is secondary.

  10. The songbook was also my source… Too bad I never learned to play anything from it, apart from the opening riff to Beetlebum and some of Strange News… I just bought it to have official lyrics :S

  11. i wouldn’t exactly refer to a songbook as the official word on lyrics. artists often fuck up their own lyrics in liner notes and official literature, be it an act of revisionism or simply carelessness; i’m sure songbook authors are often worse. my band used a pinkerton song book recently, and it flaunted more than a few minor errors and falsehoods.

    regardless, yes, it’s “tea, tea.” i don’t know what “DT” is, exactly.


  13. so you say this song wouldn’t have been out of place on coxon’s first solo album. haven’t heard it…are all the songs poorly produced pop gems like this one? that kind of stuff is just my cup of tea.

    • you mean it’s your cup of tea tea and coffee 🙂

  14. Yup Jakob, that’s exactly what I think it sounds like (though one or two songs are merely average pop gems, yet still poorly produced). I like that one a lot better than his other solo records though!

  15. excellent. i need to find a copy immediately (and again, if you like that, you need to find a copy of Bee Thousand or Alien Lanes as soon as possible, as well…believe me). doesn’t seem like itunes is pulling it for me.

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