Music Is My Radar

For their greatest hits compilation, Blur had already completed “Black Book” when “Music Is My Radar” came around. A minimalist dance-but-not-really song, including what one reviewer unfavourably called “Graham Coxon farting over a basic track”, it was destined to become known as the token new song to lure in completists… except those completists could have just picked up the single, so some live recordings were added to a limited edition of about five million copies of The Best Of as well.

The only time the song has been mentioned since was when Think Tank was released. Reviewers trying to convince themselves and readers that Graham leaving was a good thing pointed towards this “lacklustre last recording by the original band” (before, ironically, raving about said album’s “Battery In Your Leg”, a song featuring Graham and often singled out as a highlight).

But all this is rather too cynical for what’s ultimately a fun song about dancing and nonsense. Famously contains lines about Tony Allen getting Damon to put on his dancing shoes, well over half a decade before Tony drummed for The Good, The Bad & The Queen.

The promo including the band looking monumentally bored some six years before Bloc Party’s “The Prayer”, in the meantime, is unique in that it’s Blur only video not to have been included on a DVD release.

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