One Born Every Minute

July 28, 2007: Many unsuspecting members and lurkers at the official Blur message board surf in for their daily dose of speculations about the original four’s reunion or to check if there are any new interviews, only to find something remarkable: some poster named demodude has uploaded an album’s worth of what appear to be demo’s from 1993. While some of these demo’s appear to have doubled as radio sessions and two have had official releases, there are some others that have never been heard before.

One of the more intiguing of these is named “One A Minute”, released later as “One Born Every Minute”, known to have been written during the same end of the year 1992 holidays that saw the birth of “For Tomorrow”. Some elements from the demo sound like they’ve been carried over into the released version (the guitars in the two versions sound so similar I’m inclined to say they’re the same take), but the lyrics are very different, at least during the verses. Likewise, there’s no sign of the rediculous but fabulous Sesame Street-like weird effects (it always brings to mind a scene between Bert and Ernie where Ernie annoys the former with his comb-and-paper wind-instrument). In fact, it sounds perfect for the children to sing along to.

Was it attempted for Parklife, shelved, and finished two years later so it could accompany “Country House” up the charts? Was it finished earlier and pulled out of the vault when a b-side was needed? Why is the version given away on a flexidisc with The Bob magazine Nr. 52 called a demo when this is (apparently) the same version as on “Country House”? Or is the released version just a slightly more evolved version of the demo. All the questions… so many questions…

And they don’t really matter one bit. What’s important is that “One Born Every Minute” is yet another in a long line of excellent but underexposed songs by the best band of the past twenty years. And I ain’t biased! Altogether now, “Here we go, here we go, here we go again, dirty knickers, pop music, vodka beer and gin”.

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