Magic America

Despite its title, this song says more about people outside America than Americans. We’re treated to the odd cliché, dreamed up by a character, Bill Barratt… a man whose Plan A has fallen through and now he’s his mind on a great escape. We don’t find out if he ever gets to realise his plans; during the second verse he surely is in America sending home postcards, but if detailing fast food prices is as interesting as his adventure is he may be heading back home very quickly.

It’s a catchy enough song, but since it appears to be written about a soulless character the song does its best blending in with its surroundings a bit too well. There’s no room for substance here. Bill Barratt’s Parklife‘s charmless man, and the song he inhabits is its “Charmless Man”.

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Kissin’ Time

“Sort of about Damon, and sort of about me” – Marianne Faithfull

I’ve tried writing about this song on a few previous occasions, only to be out of words within a few sentences. One approach was an introductory paragraph, detailing Alex James’ friendship with Marianne Faithfull as described in his autobiography Bit of a Blur, but so what if he tried to snog her and she refused. I feel a bit like Woody Allen’s character at the start of Manhattan. Maybe I should point out how ironic it is that the best Blursong of the past seven or eight years is not on a Blur album? Or that this is as good an indication as any of how Think Tank might have sounded had Graham not left? It’s got all of that album’s elements (sounding in need of a little oil, yet having an undeniable groove at the same time), but with someone who can actually play the guitar playing guitar… No wait, maybe I should begin by stating how effortlessly sexy Marianne Faithfull’s voice sounds after all these decades, like a female Bob Dylan in a world full of Minnie Riperton or Nina Hagen wannabees.

Nah, I’ll just steal a quote from Wikipedia, throw all these random thoughts into one paragraph and express my complete incomprehension this was never a single.

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