obsolete bridge syndrome:

  1. Phrase meant to describe Dutch habit of spending years building constructions only to disregard them as soon as they’re ready for use.
  2. Different bit added somewhere in the middle of a song that has absolutely no function whatsoever apart from harming the overall quality of said song. Example: Tori Amos’ “Girl”.

“Birthday” is an exceptional song in many ways. With the possible exception of “Sing”, none of the other songs on Leisure sound anything like it. Secondly, the heads of Food Records actually liked it. Thirdly, it sounds remarkably quiet. Had it been recorded in the past ten years surely all dynamics would’ve been squashed out of it so that people can listen to it properly in their car.

The music reflects the lonely lyrics that are slightly on the wrong side of self-pitying. Maybe it was the hangover; legend has it the song was written after a wild night out after which Graham woke up in bed with a friend and his lady, Alex in a different town altogether, and Damon in jail. But really, we’ve all had to spend a birthday or two in the presence of a bottle of vodka and absolutely nobody to have a laugh with. Get over it.

But why that fucking loud part some two and a half minutes into the song? Is it to make it sound more like “Wear Me Down” or something?

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