Sweet Song

For a band that have been dubbed “The Streets with guitars” by those that care less, Blur have an awful lot of truly heartbreaking songs. The one that gets me choked up without fail is “Sweet Song”, a song whose lyrics are easily interpreted as an au revoir aimed at Graham Coxon (“someone here’s really not happy”, “it seems I never got through to you”, “I didn’t mean to hurt you, it takes time to see what you’ve done”). There’s also an unassuming line in the song’s second verse that, at least in my eyes, manages to sum up the so-called Life-trilogy it’s not even a part of: “people get so lonely”. It’s a truly magnificent moment.

Sadly, this quiet ballad with an effortlessly beautifully sad melody suffers from some digital clipping, the biggest evil of a lot of modern records (for a truly insulting example of this, check out Depeche Mode’s otherwise excellent Playing The Angel). A lesser work would never be listened to again. Hopefully one day, when the war is over, all great albums from this decade will be remastered to sound quieter.

A bare demo was included on a CD given away with The Observer, and matches the Think Tank version in sheer beauty, despite what sounds like some improvised and mumbled lyrics. More disturbingly, a version with a rap by Dave may or may not exist.

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  1. “The Streets with Guitars” ? I’ve never heard that before…that couldn’t possibly come from someone who’s heard more than two songs. As for the song itself, Sweet Song is truly heartbreaking indeed. One of my faves off Think Tank. Never noticed any clipping on that song though, do you have any particular parts in mind ?

  2. I think the bass parts are too loud, but maybe my system needs replacing… still, I’ll grab any excuse to go against the way records sound the past few years 😉

  3. Oh yes, definitely agree with you on that. I just never noticed it on Sweet Song in particular but there’s quit a lot of new major releases with rather prominent clipping…so feel free to keep on ranting! 😉

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