Country Sad Ballad Man

Blur may have been a radical departure, but the sequencing of the album really suggests that while the band wanted to “scare small children”, they didn’t want to scare them too much too quickly. “Beetlebum”, which had been released as a single before the album arrived, may have had a different sound, but it was essentially a well-written pop song. “Song 2”, loud in a “muppets doing Nirvana” way (copyright Vox Magazine), could’ve been the token loud song (see also “Globe Alone” and “Bank Holiday”).

“Country Sad Ballad Man”, with its badly recorded drums, rediculous falsettoing Damon, acoustic guitars, ploinks and weird sounds, is where the fun really begins. It appears to be another song about retreating after spending too much time in the spotlights, with a protagonist who doesn’t sound even remotely sorry about losing touch with his friends (“forgot their numbers”): he’s got more important things to worry about. Or not worry about. He sounds slightly numb, despite describing himself as a blizzard on the comeback road. Coming back to what?

All the same, it had been a while since the band sounded so laid back on a record, and while this may have been the moment some of the fans they’d picked up during the previous years started to get frightened, for the rest of us it was positively refreshing. The front row would never have no pubes again, to paraphrase an Alex James joke. We’ve got Gorillaz for that.

A lovely acoustic version was released as an extra track when “Song 2” came out as a single.

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