Far Out

My sister’s favourite Blursong, for the simple reason that it’s sung by Alex (her favourite bandmember) and better than the released version of “Alex’s Song”. According to the Select article about all songs by the band until 1994, the version on Parklife is a reworked version of a faster “Far Out” the band recorded earlier. It’s been made to sound suitably spacy to reflect its subject matter, basically a selection of names of a whole load of crap that’s out there in the universe. Something to do with the stars it seems. It’s very sweet, mind. You can picture Alex lying in the grass, bare feet, piece of straw in his mouth and looking up at the stars, recording the vocals onto a dictaphone.

Interestingly, a “remix” of the song is included on the No Distance Left To run DVD, accompanying some text about space stuff… Something to do with Beagle 2, I believe. This remix is faster, rougher, and has an additional bit, with Alex excitedly singing, “ten billion light years wide and time on either side and inside outside inside outside in far out far out”. Or something. Could this remix be the earlier version with some keyboard effects from the later version included? The guitars certainly sound very ’93/’94 Blurlike, and while it goes on a bit (it’s more than twice as long as the better known “Far Out”), I actually prefer it to the Parklife version.

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