Villa Rosie

The only Blursong that has the honour of being included in Wikipedia’s now removed “list of songs about masturbation” (prudes!). Now, not being a native speaker of English there may be some cunning reference in the lyrics, but frankly, I can’t see where the noble art of pleasing oneself comes up. The titular villa sounds more like a brothel to me, while the band, who recorded the song in October ’92, say it’s about a fabulous drinking place. The line “wearing boots can prevent the leaches in the long grass”, in the meantime, is seen by some as a reference to crabs, but that would be very poor sex education for the masses indeed.

The song is tucked away halfway through the album’s second half, and is often overlooked. It’s a very infectious little number though, with glorious “woo-hoo-hoo’s” (a miracle it hasn’t become known as “The Woohoohoo Song” in these filesharing days), and a very busy arrangement: at any given moment ten different things are happening.

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  1. Ok, that’s now replaced the list of TV series cancelled after one episode as my favourite page on wikipedia. And, native English speaker here, and I can’t really see anything in this song that could even be tenuously interpreted that way either.

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