Charmless Man

“Charmless Man” doesn’t have an awful lot going for it. As far as character songs goes, this is one of the band’s more one-dimensional ones. While some other songs on The Great Escape make up for that lyrical flaw by featuring innovative arrangements and a million brilliant things happening slightly off the radar, musically it’s not that interesting either. And Damon has never been quite that punchable in his sneer before or since. It’s even hard to care about who the charmless man actually is; Morrissey? Probably not. Brett Anderson maybe? Justine Frischmann’s brother? Whatever. He sounds like a right bore.

The video on the other hand is the source of some good fun; if you think Graham looked miserable in “Country House” you should see him here. Not even Damon being molested by the charmless man can bring a smile on his face. Towards the end the band get run over, unfortunately only to reappear alive and well and grinning stupidly at the end. Good lord.

If you need evidence why it was a good thing Blur made a clean break with the next record, “Charmless Man” offers a glimpse of what would’ve happened if the band had all the sense of adventure of a Gallagher.

It still made number 5 in the UK charts though when released as a single in May 1996.

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