Saturday Morning

In the company I work for it takes three weeks to prepare someone moving their computer from one room to another in the same corridor. And even then they manage to screw it up with paperwork. Right this second, several people are running around me bitching and complaining, and my ear caught that it costs 100 euro per moved computer. If they can’t do even the simplest things without making a total mess of it, how can they have so much money?

None of which has anything to do with “Saturday Morning”, apart from the fact I wish it was Saturday morning. This song’s an outtake from The Great Escape sessions, an instrumental version of which could be heard at the Blur:X exhibition in 1999. A vocal version exists as well, apparently. I haven’t heard either though, and as far as I’m aware no mp3’s are “out there”. Hopefully Blurfans’ patience all over the world will be rewarded with an official release (or a willing bandmember leaking it) someday.

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  1. I heard this song at Blur:X and would love to hear it again

  2. Well, now you can hear both versions with the Blur 21 box!

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