Me, White Noise

“I’d really like to use him (Phil Daniels) again, because he’s one of these people that… he’s just great company, but I don’t think it’ll work again” – Damon Albarn (1995) 

Two different versions of this song exist (not counting the live performance that was given away on a CD with The Observer newspaper), one with vocals by Damon and one with Phil Daniels, of “Parklife” fame. And he was in some film too, I believe. And on EastEnders.

The Phil Daniels version appears as a hidden track on Think Tank. You have to rewind at the start of “Ambulance” to hear it. Recorded late at night in Devon by a drunk band and actor, Phil sounds slightly psychotic, shouting lines such as “You look at the wall, what does the wall say to you? I ain’t a mirror, fuck off!”, backed by an aggressive track that sounds unlike anything else in the entire Blur catalogue.

Damon’s “alternate version” is a b-side on the single for “Good Song”, has completely different lyrics, and its key line is “being English isn’t about hate, it’s about disgust, we’re all disgusting”. Someone was a bit grumpy when he did his vocal!

The music aside, the only constant factor between the two versions is the chorus, “why am I here? I’m here because I got no fucking choice. And furthermore, you’re booOOORINGGG” (cue very scary vocal effect). Pissed off to be in England instead of Morocco perhaps? Nonetheless, one of the very best songs on Think Tank.

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  1. I thought that whoever sang the chorus on the alternate version, as well as the “being English isn’t about hate” bit, sounds a lot like Alex. If you listen to how he says “disgusting”… Maybe it’s just my imagination.

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