It Could Be You

Opening with a reference to a controversial 1995 incident when a collection of Winston Churchill writings called The Chartwell Public were bought with 12.5 million GBP of National Lottery money, “It Could Be You” observes people’s obsession with getting rich quick, set to what sounds like an bonedry XTC song. Funnily enough, it started as a piano-led ode to The Kinks’ Ray Davies called, interestingly, “Dear Ray”.

There are nods to television programmes Telly Addicts and The Likely Lads (or possibly, the later sitcom Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads… ), and an early draft of the lyrics apparently also referred to The Beatles, maybe next to the lines about having “to have the best tunes, or that’s it, you’ve blown it” as another dig at Oasis. Or maybe not.

In Japan “It Could Be You” was released as a single in a horrible, spelling-out-the-lottery-theme sleeve, coupled with live versions of the a-side, “Charmless Man” and a glorious take on “Chemical World”, all recorded at the Budokan on the same night as the songs from Live at the Budokan, but for reasons unknown to me they weren’t included on said live album, while “She’s So high”, recorded a day later, was.

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