Pleasant Education

For all the talk about 1992 being a year of disaster for Blur, they were certainly productive; apart from most of Modern Life Is Rubbish some twenty other songs were recorded. A large part of these have been released as b-sides, but there are still some left in the vault. “Pleasant Education” is the only one of these that has managed to fill the hearts and iPods of Blur songs after it was granted some exposure of in 2000.

It sounds much like a leaked demo on a bootleg. You wouldn’t want to play it in your car, since you’d get around three minutes of silence; the volume is low and not an awful lot of higher notes and tones made it (although Damon does sound a little like he had a few portions of helium). It’s enough to make you wish for a compilation of unreleased songs, because what does come across is that it’s a very very good song, with some catchy hooks and a wonderful chorus that demands to be sung by large crowds. “I don’t mean to be cruel”, our favourite control-freak sings, but if denying this little gem wider exposure isn’t an act of cruelty I don’t know what is.

Note to the band: if you’re going back into the studio at the end of the year, why not give this song a chance?

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