Cowboy Song

Go onto Soulseek or a similar file-sharing program, type in the words “Blur” and “rare”, and you’ll find a song named “Cowboy Song (rare!)” by Radiohead featuring Blur. The problem with wrong tags in a nutshell; the song is neither rare (it’s on the soundtrack for Dead Man On Campus, a film I’ve never bothered to watch), nor do Radiohead appear to have anything to do with it. Still, many Radiohead fans seem to have placed it in some folder with unreleased tracks such as “Nude” or the actually quite lovely “Lift”.

This is about Blur however, and Blur had “Cowboy Song” released on the aforementioned soundtrack in 1998, the year between Blur and 13, and that’s exactly how the song sounds. It has the same almost lo-fi feel that most of the former album’s songs have, but with some clear references to what was to follow, most notably some effects that echo the ones that can be heard on “Battle” and the synth-line that drives “All We Want”, one of Blur’s best b-sides, pops up here about halfway through.

Even if “Cowboy Song” is clearly a minor song by a band just hanging around the station for a meal and a cup of coffee before they hop back on the train to Thirteenville where magic awaits, this song deserves much better than to be known as a Radiohead song.

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  1. blur is not a great band, and cowboy song is not a good song either, whoever has written this, has no idea of music, of course it does not deserve to be known as a radiohead song, because that song is awful

    • @john

      You have just exposed your complete lack of musical knowledge to write Blur off completely based on this rarity track. You are clearly a Radiohead fanboy, probably not a very good one at that (I’m thinking The Bends, Pablo Honey, maybe OK Computer-at-a-stretch kind of fan) who for some reason feels the need to attack Blur despite the complete lack of rivalry between the two bands. Your comment reeks of musical immaturity, of course everyone is free have their own tastes, but it’s like writing The Beatles off because of Yellow Submarine, and people like that aren’t entitled to their own taste in music John, people like that are just plain wrong.

      And yes – I had to reply to this 5 years later to tell you how wrong you are. Hopefully in the last 5 years you have grown up a bit and stopped trolling the blogs of artists you don’t like. Maybe you should get a job, a nice little job, not too challenging obviously because, well, you know. Maybe you could count buttons for a tailor or something, put them in a button jar then tip them out again when you are finished and repeat. I’ll be clapping for you right here every time you finish counting*.

      In summary – you = wrong. Cowboy Song = great tune.

      *I won’t really be clapping.

    • i don’t know blur well, but i completely agree with u.

  2. Silly boy

  3. So stupid to compare Radiohead with blur, radiohead is a legendary and revolutionary band, blur is just another good (almost a great) band


  4. Radiohead invented music with their debut mp3 ‘Pop Is Dead’ in 1908

  5. thanks. help a lot.
    i was wondering who sing this ”cowboy song”
    and thank god it has nothing to do with RADIOHEAD.
    no matter who did this fucking mistake

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