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I was completely unaware of this song until I saw the band perform it on MTV’s Zig & Zag Show in 1994. For a while, until I read Select Magazine’s excellent article about all Blur song that I’m doing my best not to steal too liberally from, I was under the impression I’d heard an exclusive new track. However, it had been released way back in ’91.

Surely a studio version exists, but until the day some wonderful Bootleg Series-esque boxset is released, there are two live versions that they’ve allowed to be commercially available.

The first was one of the b-sides of “There’s No Other Way” recorded at a concert towards the end of 1990. The band sound very tight and in control of this energetic song with incredibly fiery drumming and fantastic use of feedback. The show itself apparently wasn’t uneventful either; earlier in the evening Damon’s nose had been broken by the neck of Alex’ bass violently being swung around.

Cut to Glastonbury 1992 and Damon’s breaking more bodyparts. Visibly drunk he’s jumping all over the stage, culminating in him bumping into the PA system. He turns around and doesn’t see one of the huge speakers beginning to fall over. It lands right on his ankle, he screams in pain, humps it (and a roadie) again, screams some more and runs offstage. “Did you see what happened?”, he asks afterwards. “I got all that fucking PA on my fucking foot”. Legend has it his foot was broken in all this, though I have to admit I’ve never actually checked if this is true. What’s certainly true is that there’s not a part of Starshaped that, sadistic as I am, I’ve enjoyed or watched more.

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  1. your blog theme is very tongue-in-cheek considering the subject matter (blur, that is).

    i’m doing a song-by-song blog on the magnetic fields: all my little words if you need to read me be cathartic about an overrated band i’ve over-intellectualized, or just need some more links for your blogroll. cheers, fellow blogger.

  2. I really do need to track down Starshaped.

    I just noticed, and wanted to point out, that the beginning of the underrated “Don’t Bomb When You’re the Bomb” sounds just like Excepter or something. Exceedingly odd.

  3. Excepter? Will need to check that out for when I write about DBWYTB (i still have a rough time living with the fact i don’t own an actual real copy of it, only a bunch of mp3s)

  4. “Surely a studio version exists” – I’m sure they had a good try, but apparently they found it impossible to recreate the song in a studio setting. I wish I had the source for that, I’m sure I read it in Select magazine yonks ago…

  5. Select… where else. What a great magazine that was until around ’99.
    Anyhow, they can include their try at it when they get round to releasing that 4-disc boxset of outtakes that I’m demanding they release 😉

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