Elton John’s Cock

Little is known about this deliciously titled song that was recorded during the Think Tank sessions. It was excluded from inclusion at an early stage and presumably deleted altogether, so we might never know whether it’s about Elton’s favourite pet/bodypart, or if reporters reporting overlooked the title’s indefinite article (an easy mistake to make).

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As in “to start with a…”. Yes, very clever for the first post 😉

For the past fifteen years this song has been known as the shit third single, and although it’s hardly “This Is A Low”, that judgement is a bit unfair. Some of Alex’ more inventive bass-playing can be heard on this, and, not unimportant for a pop song, it’s catchy as hell; one listen will guarantee a lifetime of fun randomly singing the lines “I don’t need anyone, but a little love would make things better”.

Before it was released as a single Damon too was full of good things to say about “There’s No Other Way”‘s follow-up as a single: “Bang” is “noisier, there’s a lot more in it … I’m happier with it as a record”, though this may be attributed to the long-standing tradition that a musician’s latest song is always his best to date, even if it isn’t. To paraphrase David Bowie: lying is part and parcel of what an artist does.

There are several objects and concepts the “SDT” from the first line can be an abreviation for, from “Signal Detection Theory” to “Special and Differential Treatment”, or maybe “Small Design Toilet”. The latter certainly makes the most sense, since it’s quite difficult to imagine anyone sitting in the former two options. It certainly puts a whole new perspective on the titular “Bang”.

The single made it to #24 in the UK charts, which was a considerable failure after “There’s No Other Way” making it into the Top 10, and it wasn’t included on the band’s 2000 Best Of Blur compilation.

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